The environment is a top priority here at K&D Body Shop.

K&D Body Shop is proud of it’s extensive recycling program. With the environment as a top priority, both body shops have “nature friendly” procedures for disposing: radiators, air conditioning condensers, headlights, bumpers, cardboard, batteries, motor oil, antifreeze, steel and aluminum products.

Auto repairs in America, generates 5 million gallons of waste paint and thinner every year. If it’s not disposed of properly, that could cause a serious pollution problem, One gallon of paint thinner, for example is enough to pollute over 1.5 million gallons of drinking water!

We protect against pollution. When we paint your vehicle, leftover paint and used paint thinner, are disposed of properly. Waste paint is blended into composite fuels used in cement kilns. Waste thinner is recycled and used as paint thinner again. That’s another reason we believe we’re giving you the “best paint job on Earth!